11 comments on “Thumbnail Extender for SharePoint

  1. you solution is pretty good, i have add 3 webparts in a webpart page it showing balnk site, where should i add this webparts and how to pass a document url connection to these webparts, cloud you please expalin detaildly. My situation is very crital now, so cloud please help me on this. and i have to show pdf and visio and autocad douments previews too.

    • the concept behind the solution of Xavier Vanneste is to add the web part in the same page than the document library on which you need to enable the thumbnail.

      depending on the context, you will need to add the search one, the wiki one or the document library one, be careful with that.

      so if you have a simple document library, add the WPThumbsForDocLib webpart.

  2. Thanks for your quick response, like you said i have created a one webpart page (test.aspx) and then i have add shared document library webpart and i have add WPThumbsForDocLib webpart.

    Now It is showing one small popup window (blank screen with url preview text), but pop window appears only for ppt and docs extention files only, for doc and image files(jpg) it is not showing any nothing.

      • can i add these extentionsions based on my requiremnts xls | jpg | png | vsd , what i have to write a additional code for getting preview of the xls | jp | Visio | auto cad files.

        is it require to register MobileGenericHandler.cs handler in IIS7.

        My requirment is i have custome page where i can show the list of uploded documents, once the client is mouse over on the document i need to show preview image of the document content, this preview shold support all the extentions like ( docs| doc| pdf | xls| ppt| visio | auto cad )

        Please provide a solution for this problem.

      • No you do not have to register the handler in IIS7.

        unfortunately you will need to write additional code to meet your requirement.

        the thing is that it uses the Office Web Apps, especially two generic handlers, one for the doc file and one for the ppt.

        Unfortunately there is no handler for the excel file and visio file and even less for pdf and autocad.

        You might need to do it yourself using automation or something like this.

  3. in MobileGenericHandler.cs, i guess you miss to place these below files in layout folder

    Funtion name is : MakeImageDocx()

    – string infoUrl = strWebUrl + “/_layouts/MobileDocHandler.ashx?doc=” + strDoc;

    Funtion name is : MakeImagePptx ()
    – Uri uri = new Uri(strWebUrl + “/_layouts/MobilePresentation.ashx?presentationId=” + strDoc, uriKind);

    in Layout folder we don’t have MobileDocHandler.ashx / MobilePresentation.ashx files cloud you please check it and provide a completecode if you miss those files in your code.

    Thanks for the info, Let me try

  4. we have done all thing as you expalined, but there is no image shows on hover, it shows only error on hover, no image 😦 , can u help us (we also installed office web app 64-bit)

    • can you use Fiddler to monitor what is going on ?

      normally when you should see that a http request is made to get the thumbnail

  5. sorry i’m begginer
    how i put this code in MobileGenericHandler.cs
    Funtion name is : MakeImageDocx()

    – string infoUrl = strWebUrl + “/_layouts/MobileDocHandler.ashx?doc=” + strDoc;

    Funtion name is : MakeImagePptx ()
    – Uri uri = new Uri(strWebUrl + “/_layouts/MobilePresentation.ashx?presentationId=” + strDoc, uriKind);

    i have MobileDocHandler.ashx in layouts folder. where is MobileGenericHandler.cs


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