11 comments on “SharePoint 2010′s Upload Multiple Documents in Silverlight Part 2.

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  2. Thank you very much for this article…. I spent three days just to find a way to modified the versioncomment in upload.aspx (Sharepoint2010). Finally i know i should change the uploadex.aspx…

  3. Hi. I have 2 problems you can help with please?
    I got lost on the last section :
    …..do not fourget to put your feature a safecontrol if you do not do that, the HttpModule will not be attached

    Can you help me with what needs to be provided in the manifests file?

    Secondly, the two issues you mentioned in the top of the list still exists. I.e. if the user choses normal upload document, the standard upload document pops up. How do I overide this so that :
    No matter which ribbon button the user clicks, my silverlight windows show up.

    I’m trying to implement the Telerik RadUpload here.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Gilloux,

    Thanks for this article. The first part is working great but the second is not because we only have the Sharepoint 2010 Foundation.

    With Foundation we do not have Microsoft.Office.Policy.Pages.dll in the _app_bin directory.
    The file uploadex.aspx doesnt exist too, only upload.aspx is here.

    Do you have a workaround for this?



    • Hello,

      you should be able to make the same with the upload.aspx page and the class Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.UploadPage in the Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.dll assembly

      Hope it helps.

  5. I desire to bookmark this blog post, “SharePoint 2010′s Upload Multiple Documents in Silverlight Part 2.
    | Diary of a SharePoint Consultant” Solar blinds on my own
    blog. Do you really care in case I personallydo it?

    Thank you -Leroy

  6. Hello GillouX,

    That was a great post.

    I am trying to implement the same in my application. However, I need to override the OnSubmit method as well. The code I have written in the OnLoad is being executed but not the code in OnSubmit.

    Can we override the OnSubmit method?

    I need to update the metadata of the documents being uploaded on “OK” button click. Can you help me with that?

    Thank you,

  7. Hey thanks for the article it was very helpful to me.

    The link to the source code doesn’t work anymore though, is there any way i can get this.


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