8 comments on “Change “Choose Picture” Control in EditProfile.aspx

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  2. Theres a problem when you click the “save and close” button. It wont save the Personal Image anymore. How to solve the problem?

      • Rene,

        I have run into this problem as well. My custom control uploads the picture, but the next time a user makes any other update and clicks the “save and close” button, it deletes the picture and thumbs. Your comment says you needed to “render a control manually”. Could you provide any further explanation on how you did this?

  3. I need to put an additional button on editprofile.aspx page which will navigate to me to a different site how can I achieve that?
    Consider I want to put an edit button followed by the workphone property…

  4. I am running into Rene and Dwayne’s problem as well. My custom control uploads and save the photo to the “Profile Pictures” folder in the “User Photos” library. As soon as a user clicks “Save and Close” on the EditProfile.aspx page, the photos disappear. If anyone figured out how to get around this, please post.

  5. I want to add some custom web parts to the Editprofile.aspx page of MySite.
    How can it be done ?

    • The EditProfile.aspx is a page that cant be customized easily. You need to rely on existing delegatecontrol. Check the source code of the page to see if there are more than the one I described in the article.

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