10 comments on “Change “Choose Picture” Control in EditProfile.aspx

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  2. Theres a problem when you click the “save and close” button. It wont save the Personal Image anymore. How to solve the problem?

      • Rene,

        I have run into this problem as well. My custom control uploads the picture, but the next time a user makes any other update and clicks the “save and close” button, it deletes the picture and thumbs. Your comment says you needed to “render a control manually”. Could you provide any further explanation on how you did this?

  3. I need to put an additional button on editprofile.aspx page which will navigate to me to a different site how can I achieve that?
    Consider I want to put an edit button followed by the workphone property…

  4. I am running into Rene and Dwayne’s problem as well. My custom control uploads and save the photo to the “Profile Pictures” folder in the “User Photos” library. As soon as a user clicks “Save and Close” on the EditProfile.aspx page, the photos disappear. If anyone figured out how to get around this, please post.

  5. I want to add some custom web parts to the Editprofile.aspx page of MySite.
    How can it be done ?

    • The EditProfile.aspx is a page that cant be customized easily. You need to rely on existing delegatecontrol. Check the source code of the page to see if there are more than the one I described in the article.

  6. Hi, where is the project for the delegate control you created please? The hyperlink above takes me to office.com website. Is the project still available? Thank you.

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